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Far Eastern Heroes

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To the many who have researched the men and women who fought in the Far East, they hold our utmost respect.

They fought an enemy who were not only trained for jungle warfare but who were also better equipped.

Their battle carried on into captivity, a battle to survive, many did not make it, the odds were stacked too high against them.

After three and a half years in Japanese hands, the ones left, still fought on, the battle would last their lifetime and hopefully end, the day they meet their maker.

These pages are dedicated to these men and women, all are heroes, Far Eastern Heroes.

One will never know the price they paid

Suffering themselves, a sacrifice they made,

When all was lost, didn't give in

Often lost hope and couldn't win,

They gave of themselves, desperate to survive

A frantic effort to keep their mates alive,

What finer glory could they achieve?

Their courage against adversity we must honour and believe,

What faith in those, for those that despaired

The gentle strength of those who cared,

Love has no equal one man for another

They are entwined brother for brother.

Win Rainer - A Fepow’s Wife


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